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Mythics Unite

Rawr >o.-.o<

Mythic Animals United
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A Mythical Fur group for generally any one
Any one is welcome to the community
We generally allow any one to join the community though mythical animals are encouraged. Hybrids, aliens, and other unusual things are welcome as well. Even humans and shape shifters.

Don't be a jackass
No not the donkey. If we find you acting like a turd toward other members your posts will be moderated and you will be warned. Depending on the offense you will be banned permanently from the community.

You may post pics but keep them under an LJ cut. You may have one small preview pic about 400x400. Please feel free to share your art with the community. Icons, fursuits, any thing.

Adult concepts
If you link to adult links post NSFW next to them or warn about the link. If the entire post has to do with adult concepts mark the post appropriately.


Other communities worth checking out

fursuit A community for fursuit help and tutorials.
rarsuit A fursuiting community for fursuits on the scarier side.
fursuitreviews A community that reviews fursuit makers and the suits they bought from them
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