Drak'rrth Ssekmith (drakrrth) wrote in dragon_furs,
Drak'rrth Ssekmith


Hmm, I'm new here, but not so much on LJ - I've been here for slightly over 2 months now. And in the fandom since last November. And I've been watching for quite some time before.

Basically and obviously, I'm a dragon - the kind with 4 legs and 2 wings, thanks. I'm gold with a bit of grey. I also prefer to be portrayed realistically, or at least not-cartoony.

I live in Singapore, and I'm hoping to move to USA or UK in future, one way or another. I'm now in high school, and I'm 16 this year.

I'm on LJ very frequently, so I'll probably check this highly often, at least once per day. So I should pick up quite fast.

Finally, I was introduced here by a friend of mine, so I'll hopefully get to meet some people here in future whom I can call friends. I'm not in a rush, though. I'm seeing if I can build up contacts throughout the fandom.

Oops, forgot my name - I'm drak'rrth, but LJ didn't accept the apostrophy. There is supposed to be one, though.
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