April 8th, 2009



My first post was my intro post, so I'm not sure if this counts as double-posting. If it offends, feel free to shred this.

Per request, I would like to inquire if any of you have a backstory? Like, did your character (or you, depending on your viewpoint) sprang out of your head, fully formed, or is there is a dark and horrid past behind him/her/it/you?

For example, I have perfectly illogical origins: As I've commented in the post below, Drak'rrth doesn't have a clear point of origin; he's just me, and vice versa.

Where did you come from?

EDIT: I'm rather heartened by the response, but I'll try to clear things up a little. The backstory is where the character came about, from an in-universe viewpoint. The out-universe viewpoint I'll call a history instead. For example, that example I put is a history, because I don't have a backstory. This should be a lot clearer now.