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*stumbles in looking around curiously*, Umm.. Hi! Im Algid... pardon the borrowed art for the buddy icon... I'm kinda new and don't have anything of myself yet... *ears lower hoping nobody is offended* I... Im not too sure about the rules here... but was wondering if griffins were a part of this group as well...
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Tiny Majy


For once im working on a moodset and some updates to make it more colorful here. If any one has any thing relevant to post please feel free to post it also i will be adding fun links and updating the rules and comunity profile. Please bear with me as things like this will take a whle but for once i am quite pleased with out mascots mood set. I have a few basic moods done to work off of and they are cute. If any one wants a preview of the line art let me know and if i get the email in time ill send you a preview. Also for some reason i don't get the updates on this comunity but i will check back regulary.

Dragon code

Okay, I lied. I CAN see a community lie empty for a lot more than half a month...

Anyway, I've recently found this concept called "dragon code"... it's like a furcode, specially tailored for dragons.

Would it be good if we all do one and post it somewhere? Just like what you do with a furcode.
Maybe even paste it here.
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Tiny Majy

A big suprise

Well im working on Wikia to make a Dragon wiki called Wiki Dragons. This is pretty much all about dragons and if any one would like to help me feel free. Ill link you to the blank wiki. Also if any one has any pictures of info they would like to add to it please let me know right away and i will add it. Feel free to contribute as well. Make pages about famous dragons you know in mythology. Make a page about your dragon 83. So yeah im hoping for this to be one of the greater wikis like wikifur.

Edit:  Considering the fact i was uncomfortable with how wierd WikiDragons wiki sounded i just made a new one since i really didnt do much. Its It sounds alot more serious but atleast i know what i'm doing now.

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Why dragon?

I'm not the kind who can usually see a community lying empty for half a month, so I'll ask something that's been on my mind.

I'm just curious to ask, why did you choose your fursona? I mean, among all kinds of other species, etc, etc, why dragon, or some sort of related-species?

I do hope I'll have a substantial amount of replies by the time the next post comes out (whenever it is), since I feel that it's a bit too quiet recently.

EDIT: Wow, I'm quite shocked and pleased with the sudden change in style. It looks a lot fresher now.
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Alright, so, I'm hoping that it's okay to post this here. I'm making a costume and I need a little help. I'm trying to find something I can use to simulate reptile skin. I'd like to make the costume out of high density foam and cover it with something, but I'm not sure what or if that will work. I ran a test on a piece of the foam with some plastidip, but when it dried it didn't give the texture or feel that I wanted. I've tried duct taping the foam and spraying that with the stuff, but I'm not sure how that's going to turn out since the tape seems to want to wrinkle and it's not really as firm as I'd like it to be. Suggestions?
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My first post was my intro post, so I'm not sure if this counts as double-posting. If it offends, feel free to shred this.

Per request, I would like to inquire if any of you have a backstory? Like, did your character (or you, depending on your viewpoint) sprang out of your head, fully formed, or is there is a dark and horrid past behind him/her/it/you?

For example, I have perfectly illogical origins: As I've commented in the post below, Drak'rrth doesn't have a clear point of origin; he's just me, and vice versa.

Where did you come from?

EDIT: I'm rather heartened by the response, but I'll try to clear things up a little. The backstory is where the character came about, from an in-universe viewpoint. The out-universe viewpoint I'll call a history instead. For example, that example I put is a history, because I don't have a backstory. This should be a lot clearer now.


Hmm, I'm new here, but not so much on LJ - I've been here for slightly over 2 months now. And in the fandom since last November. And I've been watching for quite some time before.

Basically and obviously, I'm a dragon - the kind with 4 legs and 2 wings, thanks. I'm gold with a bit of grey. I also prefer to be portrayed realistically, or at least not-cartoony.

I live in Singapore, and I'm hoping to move to USA or UK in future, one way or another. I'm now in high school, and I'm 16 this year.

I'm on LJ very frequently, so I'll probably check this highly often, at least once per day. So I should pick up quite fast.

Finally, I was introduced here by a friend of mine, so I'll hopefully get to meet some people here in future whom I can call friends. I'm not in a rush, though. I'm seeing if I can build up contacts throughout the fandom.

Oops, forgot my name - I'm drak'rrth, but LJ didn't accept the apostrophy. There is supposed to be one, though.

Ay All!

Just out of curiosity.
Cause I assume most of those here be Dragons (if You fit the criteria of one who is not, I apologise ^^'), And I know of what TYPE many are. But what do you do?
Do you have special abilities?
Any weaknesses?

Just for fun I wanted to know. =3
I'll edit this later with mine. =).

~Locket/ Azazzii
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